A bold mix of modern and traditional.

Here's why:

The Easdale is a magnificent cross over headboard – half traditional, half contemporary. This sumptuous design was created by our production manager by fusing together two of our most popular headboards.

A deep buttoned centre is framed by a neat border with a square overall shape. Available in two heights as standard (or bespoke to your own measurements) it is comfortable, stylish and compatible with a number of finishing options such as Swarovski crystal buttons and studs.

Handmade to order by our skilled upholsterers in South Wales, your new Easdale bedhead can be shipped anywhere in the world.

The tried and tested Easdale Headboard is this month's 'Top of the Flocks'!

This beautiful headboard is designed to sit on top of your mattress and is made slightly wider than your bed to take into account your bedding.

Finish your Easdale Headboard off with a pillowstop for tidy 'from the side' viewing and a designer element.

Edge piped for a sophisticated finish in matching (or contrasting) fabric or contemporary studs.

Like all our products the Easdale is made just for you in our British workshop, delivered worldwide.

Luxurious deep buttoning provides a wonderful amount of comfort.

Enjoy your Easdale Headboard along with 100s of happy customers.

Simply choose your bed size ...

4 ft 6 ins wide

141 cm

5 ft wide

153 cm

6 ft wide

183 cm

6 ft 6 ins or 7 ft

200 cm/ 213 cm

4 ft wide

121 cm

3 ft wide

92 cm

Selecting and buying a beautifully UK hand crafted headboard from us couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re looking for an elegant headboard for your single bed to add sophistication to a room, or you need a gorgeously stylish headboard for your emperor bed, we can help. From single to emperor, and everything in between, we’ll be able to help you create a bedhead that fits your bedroom style and is unique to you.

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